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The word 'anaesthesia' derives from the Greek words for 'without sensation'.

Anaesthesia is an umbrella term for all kinds of operative sedation. Medical specialists administering anaesthesia are called anaesthetists or anaesthesiologists. In addition to sedating patients, they monitor their patients' condition during surgery.  

There are various types of anaesthesia:

- general anaesthesia (narcosis)
- regional anaesthesia (which renders a large area of the body insensate)
- local anaesthesia (which renders a small area of the body insensate)

Anaesthesia has been practised since the mid-nineteenth century. Without anaesthesia, far fewer operations would be performed today. Therefore, anaesthetics may only be administered by expert, highly educated and highly trained doctors who continue to keep a close eye on their patients during and after the operation. Anaesthetists are responsible both for putting patients to sleep and for keeping them pain-free during surgery and afterwards. Eurocept Pharmaceuticals highly values patients' right to make a quick recovery and go home pain-free.

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